Marc Aj

Marc Aj


A self-taught photographer, who got absolutely fascinated by what my very eyes caught as roaming the streets. The sensation that had nonstop filled me was the root to my great interest in photography, and then to my joining courses with NYIP (New York Institute of Photography).

Photography to me is capturing a true moment before it is corrupted, disfigured by time. Photographs seize only what is true. Yet, a photo is good when the light and shutter timing are mastered.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it” - Ansel Adams

"Perhaps the most exciting photograph was Marc Abou Jaoudeh's image of a woman in heels. She is crouching at a jaunty angle, while her red-and-white shoes add interest to the sand-colored floor. It is subtle, yet characterful and fun, and like the best of images, it leaves the viewer intrigued, wondering about the mysterious girl in the picture."-